The big Question:

Who Am I

Some of you have been around with me since the 90’s When I was an online Editor for that place (refuse to say the name ) and have followed me from there. It’s me Crochet Queen still standing, still designing and certainly lacking in the online stuff but I’m getting there. Please feel free to email me crochetqueen1@yahoo.com for any and all questions

I plan on putting the lessons back up and all the free old patterns and hopefully will manage to put up new ones. Stay Tuned and if you want me to review any of your products please email me crochetqueen1@yahoo.com.

Copyrights and Legal Stuff

Let’s start out with the copyright information. I will explain as plain as possible so that there is no question as to what you can and can not do with my patterns. If you happen to have a question that I have not explained or answered, please feel free to contact me crochetqueen1@yahoo.com with it and I will certainly answer. Remember these are covered under current copyright laws, you can print it out, use it for personal use, I allow no more than 5 to be made per year for sales (craft shows), unlimited amount for gift giving ****what this means is that you can make it for birthday, because you are my friend, holidays or just because as long as you are not receiving any type of money. This includes someone paying for yarn, that would fall under the 5 per year that I allow it does not fall under gift giving****. You can not post my original pattern on your website, a picture is fine, a link is wonderful (thank you in advance as links are a way to show that you appreciate the patterns), no putting the patterns onto a cd and selling it ANYWHERE. As some of you know, it is alot of work to write a pattern, and oh trust me it is even harder work to do a website so those are the rules.

Legal wise, I never sell your name, email, or any information to anyone EVER. Now I can not control what you yourself post on the forum so please be very careful with your private information when you post on the forum. I do not allow flaming, name calling, and general nastiness on the forums, anyone engaging in this type of behavior will be removed permanently. If you feel someone is not following my guidelines, please contact me asap. I want this to be a nice place for everyone and since I pay the bill for all of this, I will have the final say and yes I feel I am a very fair person. Well this is about it, if I think of anything else I will certainly add it here.