Fringed Stole

SIZE: 24″ X 62″
Materials: Columbia Fingering yarn, 8 1 oz. balls: or Sports Yarn, 5 2 oz. balls.
Boye Steel Crochet Hook No. 2
Gauge: 7 ch-1″ 3 patterns-2″
Pattern Stitch: (Multiple of 4 ch) ch 144, turn.
Row 1: * Draw up last ch to 1/2″ loop, draw yarn through this loop, then work 1 sc in back strand of loop
repeat from * (2 loops), sk 3 ch, 1 sc in next ch (1 pattern), Repeat from first * across, 36 patterns, across ch.
Row 2: Work 2 loops (1 pattern) to turn, * then draw yarn through loop on one side of knot, draw yarn through
loop at other side of same knot, YO and through all 3 loops on hook, work 1 pattern, repeat from * across row.
Repeat Row 2 until work measures 62″, * then ch 3, 1 sc in next pattern row, break yarn and fasten.
Fringe: Wind yarn over a 5″ cardboard, cut loops at one side. Double and Knot 4 strands in each ch-3 space
across each end of Stole.

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