Front Bead Crochet Bracelet

How about learning another new stitch. It is a “Front Bead Crochet” fbc. Normally when you crochet with beads you have to either crochet in the round or crochet one row with beads and one row without in order for them to turn out all on the same side. Here is the trick to crochet back and forth and have your entire beads end up on the same side. 
Bead crochet: Insert hook in sc, push bead up the thread as close as you can get it to your work,(bead is facing away from you) then thread over, pull through, thread over pull through the two loops on hook. This is the way that beads are added in to your project. 
Front Bead Crochet: (Beads that you have crocheted in on the previous row will now be facing you.) Push bead up as close to the hook as you can get it, hold on to bead with your thumb, insert hook OVER thread and into sc, thread over, (keep holding the bead), pull through, thread over pull through the two loops on hook. Bead should be in the front. Keep thread tension a little tight so the bead, this will force the bead to stay in place.

size 8 hook 1 bi-cone bead or any decorative bead
Size 30 Black thread 1 pony bead
184 size 11 seed beads beading needle 
String 92 size 11 seed beads onto thread, now string your bi-cone or decorative bead, now string the remaining 92 seed beads. You must thread the beads on before you begin to crochet. ***Pony bead does not get strung at this time*** 
1st row: ch 12, sc in 2nd chain from hook and in the remaining 10 ch. total of 11 sc. Ch 1 turn. (ch 1 does not count as 1st sc). 
Follow chart, you are now on row 2 ( there are 21 rows of plain crochet)  
22nd row you start to crochet in the beads. 

At end of 81st row: sc in next 3 sc, ch 5, skip 5 sc, sc in remaining 3 ch ch 1 turn. Sc in next 3 sc, 5 sc in loop just made, sc in next 3 sc. 
Edging: working down side of bracelet, *ch 3 skip 1 row sc in next row, repeat from * to end of bracelet then sc in next 5 sc, insert hook through next sc, place the pony bead on the hook, thread over, pull thru bead and sc,(now have 2 loops on hook) thread over pull through to complete the sc. Insert hook through same sc, through the pony bead, thread over pull loop through sc, thread over complete sc. Sc in next 5 sc. Working down other side of bracelet, *ch 3 skip 1 row, sc in next row repeat from * to end of bracelet, end off.

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