Summer Halter

Finally a way to make a Halter top with a no miss perfect fit method. This is so easy you can make one in every color!!! I wanted an easy to make halter top that was an asset to my body and this is how I did it. Since this is a fit as you go pattern you will need more yarn for larger sizes and less yarn for smaller sizes. I wear a medium size top, 34 bust size. You will need to measure as you go.

Materials: Size H hook

Approx 7 oz. of Bernat Handicrafter cotton, 4 ply worsted weight (you will need more bigger sizes or less for smaller sizes)

Ruler or measuring tape

Pattern Stitch, Row 1: Must be worked on even number of stitches, add 2 for beginning chain (counts as 1st dc), sc in 4th chain from hook, *dc in next stitch, sc in next stitch , repeat from * to end of chain , ch 3 turn (counts as 1 dc)

Row 2: sc in next dc, dc in next sc repeat across ending with sc in top of previous rows ch 3. ch 3 turn, repeat this row for pattern.

To Increase (**ch 3 turn counts as 1 dc, 1 sc and 1 dc in previous rows sc) at the beginning and at the end (you will have a sc, dc, sc in top of the previous rows ch 3). You will be adding 4 stitches to each increase row.

Halter top : Make a chain long enough to fit across your chest (above your breast) area from arm pit to arm pit making sure it is an even number. (I chained 42) Now add 2 more for beginning chain and work in the above pattern stitch for 3 inches (I did 12 rows). Increase (see above) in the next row, work pattern stitch (no increases) in the next row. Continue to increase one row, work pattern stitch in the next row until piece covers to the bottom of your breast area (mine was 9 ½ inches long, 30 rows, and 22 ½ inches wide, 78 stitches). Measure by holding the piece with the beginning row at the end of your throat.

Now chain an Even number of stitches to fit around the back side of you body. You will want a Snug fit. Being careful not to twist the chain, join with a sl st to the bottom of the opposite side, forming a circle. Ch 1 turn, sl st in 1st chain, ch 3 , work across chain in the pattern stitch and all around the front making sure that you have a sc in top of previous rows dc, and a dc in previous rows sc (pattern stitch) end with a sl st in top of ch 3. From here forward you will have to begin rows that end with a sl st in top of ch 3 with * ch 1 sc in same st work pattern stitch around end with sl st in top of sc turn. Ch 3 work pattern stitch around end with sl st in top of ch 3 turn *repeat from * to * You must keep a sc in previous rows dc and a dc in previous rows sc. Work pattern until piece measures desired length (I added 4 ½ more inches to mine). sc around bottom, end off. .

Attach yarn to any top corner, sc across top, 2 sc in corner, sc down side, across back, up the other side, sc in same space as 1st sc, sl st in top of 1st sc. Ch 4, *skip 1 sc dc in next sc, ch 1 , repeat from * to end, end off . Finish off all ends.

Ch 150 or more for neck tie, end off. Weave through top row of dc.

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