Turkish Loop Crochet

There are several ways to do this very fast bead crochet technique but for this tutorial I will not be using a larger bead for practice as I felt it is easier to learn with just seed beads. You will need upholstery thread, big eye needle or a beading needle, two different colors of size 10 or 11 seed beads. One of the important things for this technique is the stringing order. Pick one of your seed bead colors to be “A” and the other will be “B”. Pick up 4 of “A” then 4 of “B” ***please note for each loop you need a total of 8 beads (4 of “A” and 4 of “B”) *** Continue until you have approx 1 full yard of beads for practice.

Stringing order & Beginning Loop

Remove beading needle, tie a slip knot and place on your hook, slide down to the hook the first 8 beads (this will be 4 beads of “B” and 4 beads of “A”) now we are going to make a slip stitch,* grab the thread above the “A” beads and pull thru the loop on your hook.* First loop made. Move the next 8 beads down and repeat from * to * and then again Move the next 8 beads down and repeat from * to * . You now have 3 loops of beads. It is very important to remember that you will be working IN THE ROUND, meaning when we start our 2nd row we will need to put the next loop of beads into the FIRST loop of beads we made.

Hopefully you can see where you need to insert your hook in between the beads. This was my reasoning for using two colors, make sure your hook is inserted in between the two colors, then make your single crochet.

First row

Where to start row 2

It may help to place a marker in the first loop of every round.

Almost finished. Now remember you can now restring the beads by adding a larger focal bead and crochet it exactly the same way, making sure you make your single crochets “in the middle” of your loop. This really has a lot of different possibilities. Hope you enjoy.

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