Boys Ninja Gloves

I have a hard time finding little things to make for boys so I came up with these. My son doesn’t like mittens and he isn’t thrilled about gloves so I designed these
to keep him semi-warm. He thinks they are Ninja gloves and won’t go outside without them.

They only take about an hour, if you are fast, and 2 hours if you have kids, hehehehe.

The stitch used is called Shallow single crochet, it looks like knitting and looks pretty similar to shepherds knitting.

Shallow Single Crochet: Insert hook between the 2 vertical threads of each stitch. Yo pull through, yo pull through both loops on hook.

Size J hook

Approx 2 oz of worsted weight yarn


Childs: Ch 20, being careful not to twist, slip stitch to form a ring.
Ribbing Row 1: ch 3 (counts as 1 dc) dc in next 19 dc (20 dc) sl st
In top of ch 3, DO NOT TURN. Rows 2 & 3: ch 3 *back post
double crochet (BPDC) around next dc, front post double crochet
(FPDC) around next dc, repeat from * around, sl st in top of ch 3
Row 4: ch 1 sc in same stitch as sl st and in each remaining 19 dc
(20 sc) Rows 5 – 11 : (Do not join rounds, keep a marker at
beginning or 1st stitch) work in shallow single crochet around,
moving your marker up for each row.
Thumb Row 12: shallow single crochet in next 7 stitches, turn work
toward you, you should now see the back of the stitches you just
made, ch 1shallow sc in 1st shallow sc you made at the beginning of
this round, place marker, shallow sc in next 6 stitches, ch 1, working
on thumb only, shallow sc in next 7 stitches, this forms the thumb.
Do not cut thread, ch 1, *insert hook under ch 1 made on previous
row , sc*, repeat from * to * once. You should now be back on
row 11.
Fingers: Shallow sc in 7th stitch of rnd 15 of thumb (2 stitches are now
in the same stitch) mark this as your 1st stitch. Shallow sc in next 13
stitches, shallow sc in 1ststitch of thumb row, sc in last sc of thumb row.

(16 stitches) working on the 16 stitches and moving up marker after
every row, shallow sc for 3 rounds. Finish off.

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