Broomstick or jiffy lace scarf

Materials 2 skeins of Bernat Eye Lash Nouveau yarn Size 50 Broomstick/Jiffylace pin Size N crochet hook Needle to weave in ends Gauge 4 inches = 5 – 3 loop groups /3 rows Ch 15, put loops on hook (15 loops), work off loops 3 at a time (creates 5-3 loop groups). Continue putting loops on and taking them off until you run out of yarn. With needle, weave in all ends and that’s it. Try to keep you loops and sc as loose as possible. I am so fascinated with this yarn, it is furry, fuzzy, soft and it just looks trendy. If this isn’t wide enough for you, you can add 3 (18 loops) to 6 stitches (21 loops) and your scarf will be a little shorter than the one pictured. Come on , you know you want one of these but I’m gonna warn you right now, you won’t be able to help yourself from just petting it!!!!

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