Mobius Scarf

Mobius strip is an actual mathematician term named after A.F. Mobius. The actual definition is to give a strip of paper a twist and then paste or tape the ends together resulting in a continuous strip with a twist that cannot be undone. In this lesson we are going to learn how to design your very own Mobius scarf. I have included a picture of mine but not the actual pattern because I want you to try your hand at designing. There are two ways to make the scarf you can make the strip out of any type of yarn and using any pattern stitch you like, then twist the ends and sew them together or you can do it my way, make your base chain, twist then join and then crochet your pattern stitch. Either way is just fine, it all depends on what YOU want or like. The following is a list that should be followed in creating your design.

1. Using a piece of string, tape measurer, or length of yarn, measure the area from your chest up and around the front of your head. Write the number down or cut the string or yarn, set aside.

2. Pick your pattern stitch, remember you will be working in the round so you may have to adjust the multiples (if a pattern has a multiple of 4 + 2 you may have to disregard the + 2 in order to work it in the round) choose your pattern stitch carefully.

3. Pick your hook and yarn

4. MAKE A GAUGE SWATCH, measure rows and stitches per inch.

5. Math needed is stitches per inch (we will use 4) X your head measurements (we will use 20) = 80 so we need to chain 80 But don’t start yet !

6. Check the multiples of your pattern, you may have to make adjustments to your base chain in order to get the pattern stitch right. Example we need 80 to start but our pattern multiple is 6.

Math: 80 divided by 6 = 13.3 so you need to make a little adjustment and you can either go up or down. 13 X 6 = 78 for base chain or 14 X 6 = 84. You choose now you are ready to start 7. Chain your needed amount, before you join, twist the free end one complete turn, then join. This creates the twist and you won’t have to sew it together later. I made mine to fit just below my neck and it completely covers the back on my head.

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