Shag Rug Loom Plans

Make your very own versatile loom to create lush shag rugs

I am not very sure about the history of this technique but what I do know is that it is very easy to do. This is one of those things that looks very intimidating (ok to me it looked scary) . Once you get your loom built, we will learn how to use it. Most of the material used , might just be around your house. I bought the wood pre cut poplar, (the 1x8x24) and then I purchased another 1×8 in a shorter length and cut it to measure 1x8x6. Also I am not a professional wood worker so all my measurements are in INCHES. What you will need: 1 – 1x8x24 inches 1 – 1x8x6 inches(*see above you will probably have to cut it to this size) 2 – cup hooks 2 – 1/25 inch 5 inch long carriage bolts (6 inch will work also) 3 – 1 1/2 inch screws 1 – 1 inch wooden knob 1/25 and 1/2 inch counter sink drill bit

It is easier to drill your carriage bolt and wood knob holes first. I have made the diagram with all the measurements exactly as mine is made but you can just place the carriage bolts on the back, leave enough room for a spool of carpet warp, put up the 6 inch wood piece and your good to go.

See the pictures on how to use it:

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