Hairpin Lace Fringe

I discovered this trick by accident. You can make fringe, yes fringe!!! On some items I really like the look of fringe but honestly I am a bit lazy and I never really feel like cutting all those strands of yarn, then putting them on the project one by one, YUK. This is so easy that you will want to add fringe to more projects. It is made the same way you would do Hairpin Lace except instead of having the stitches in the MIDDLE you have them closer to one side of the fork. Continue making the lace the length needed, remove from the fork and you will have one side with really long loops and one side with short loops. Attach to your project from the wrong side, single crochet or slip stitch through the short loops. End off, you can either clip the long loops or leave them as they are and you have fringe. Now wasn’t that easy?? So many possibilities here, you can use ribbon, a different color yarn, a completely different type of yarn or whatever you want to do. To me this is a very simple fast way to make fringe. The loops are not loose and they will not fall out. Back in the 1800’s they did have a wooden gadget called a “Fringe Fork” that was used just for this purpose so I cannot take credit for discovering this trick but I did figure it out before I got a copy of the Young Ladies Journal complete guide to the work table. Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of information on hairpin lace but I did find this Serendipity that has some pretty interesting hairpin lace facts.

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