How to avoid crochet Aches and Pains

Let’s take a break from the lessons and talk a little about taking care of your hands and body when you crochet. If you are anything like me, you have stayed up all night either trying to finish or figure out a project. This can and does lead to sore back, arms, neck, wrist, hand, and blood shot eyes. Here are a few things that may or may not help you to avoid some of these aches and pains associated with crocheting all night. If you know that you will be staying up to crochet for a long period of time, sit in the most comfortable place possible. Make sure to switch positions often….put your feet up, cross your legs, uncross your legs, sit Indian style etc. Every hour or so stand up and stretch…put your hands over your head toward the ceiling and stretch, bend from side to side. DO NOT do any stretching if it hurts. If you can’t do any stretching just take a little walk around the room. The purpose is just to circulate everything so it doesn’t fall asleep. Gently massage your hands. I highly recommend investing in a pair of the Hand Ez gloves, for me they work great. To help give your arms a rest, get a pillow (try all sizes) and place it in your lap, place your crochet work and your arms on top of it. This helps to take a little of the weight off of your arms. It takes a little getting use to but it will help keep your arms, shoulders from getting so sore and you will be able to crochet longer. Also try placing the pillow behind your back, this may help you to sit up straight. Switch these two techniques back and forth. Use a good lamp or light. I do not have a Ott lite/lamp but I did invest in a florescent light bulb for my regular lamp **these are the curly or coil looking bulbs**. Before you buy one, take the light bulb out of the lamp that you want to use, take it with you to the store (I bought mine at Home Depot) and match the height of the old light bulb with the one you want to purchase as some of the florescent bulbs are a little bigger than regular bulbs. I don’t know if this is the same as a Ott lite/lamp but I can say it does give you better light. Please remember that these are only suggestions and I will say it again, Do NOT do anything that hurts (stretching, pillows etc.)…Don’t stay up too late !!!