Horizontal stripes

Knitting horizontal stripes, get ready to add some spark to your projects. I think we are all ready now to start using some colors. Let’s start with horizontal stripes. For our practice piece we will do a Knit cast on and to sort of get you a little familiar with pattern reading I will write it as if it were one with explanations in the ( ). Color changes for horizontal stripes are made at the ends of the row. You simple tie a knot as if you were tying your shoes, and continue to knit across. Yes it is that easy.

With mc (**mc is main color)CO (cast on) 20 Work stockinette stitch for 4 rows (this means knit 1 row, purl the next row, each row counts as one so you will have a total of 2 knit rows and 2 purl rows) With cc (contrasting color) work stockinette stitch for 4 rows Continue to alternate colors for desired length You can carry the yarn up the side of your work, but be very careful not to pull it too tight or too loose. I try and make it a rule not to carry the yarn up the side for no more than 4 rows, if there are more than 4 cut the yarn and tie the old yarn and the new yarn together at the end of each row making sure to leave a length long enough to weave in later. You can use more than two colors but again please remember the rule of thumb , do not carry the yarn for more than 4 rows, just cut tie, and knit. I usually try and lay out the color combination before I get started, you would be surprised at how many different looks you can get with 4 or more colors. We are now on our way to more fun with knitting.

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