How to Add Crochet to any Fabric

Hemstitching was a very popular art form long ago. It also was used as a way to add edgings to the tablecloths, doilies, pillowcases, sheets and various types of household linens. You would have to “pull” the threads, and then sew on each side of the pulled threads in order to make the holes that were necessary to add your edging. Of course you can also use a stiletto to poke holes into the fabric. Using the stiletto is a very slow and tedious process and you must have a steady even hand, which I do not.

Thank goodness for the Wing Needle. It attaches to almost any zig zag sewing machine and it pokes even holes into the fabric. I found out the hard way that you cannot attach it to an older straight sewing machine as the presser foot is not large enough for the wing needle to go through. Insert the wing needle into your sewing machine and depending on what size thread you want to use for your edging….the smaller the crochet thread the smaller the stitch size on your sewing machine. Before you attempt this project, please practice on a small piece of fabric so that you can make adjustments. If you are doing a small project, I just run the fabric through the sewing machine without using thread. For larger projects, I use the sewing thread and leave it in the fabric, which you can either remove as you go along or leave in. It depends on what you prefer.

Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to add a crochet edge to just about anything. Make your own pillowcase edgings, tablecloths, placemats, and handkerchiefs all to match your own décor.

This is a very simple edging but would add a nice touch to a pillow case:

Chain desired length, sc in second chain from hook, * ch 3 skip 2 chains on foundation ch, (group of 2 tr, ch 3, slip st in last tr for picot, 2 tr) in next ch. ch 8 , drop loop from hook, draw dropped loop thru first tr of group, 11 sc in ch 8 space, ch 3, skip 2 chains on foundation ch, sc in next 2 chains. Repeat from * to end.

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