How to hide the “hole” on the ends

In these next lessons I will try to share with you Tricks and Techniques that I have either learned by mistakes or have learned from others. If you have a better way, please feel free to share it with me because I am always finding or learning new ways with crochet. By looking at the two pictures above you see the one on the left is a piece of dc. Do you see the holes or open space at the end of the rows? This has always bothered me until I discovered completely by mistake how to correct this. Look at the picture on the right it has the same number of dc as the picture on the left and the holes are gone, YIPEE. Here is the trick…Do not count the turning chain as a stitch. If you need your base row to have 10 dc, you would ch 10, now ch 3 more(this extra ch 3 will not count as a dc), dc in 4th ch from hook and in remaining 9 chains. Ch 3 turn, dc in last dc made of previous row, dc in remaining 9 dc, you would not place a dc in beginning ch 3 ever. You can do this with any of the crochet stitches, just make sure that you keep count because you can easily add more stitches than you need. This is especially helpful if you are working in rounds. Ch the required number to start the row, make your first stitch in the same stitch as the beginning chain, work around and join into the 1st stitch made not the turning chain. This eliminates the hole and makes your work look a lot more professional.

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