Shepherd’s Knitting

Shepherd’s knitting also known as panting, gobelinstitch, pjoning, crochet de bosnie or Bosnian crochet. This method of crochet just might be the oldest form found. It works well in rounds but can also be done flat (worked back and forth). I have not been able to find out too much about this method but it does interest me and I myself would love to make mittens or even a pair of socks. Before you begin, you will need to keep your tension a little loose because you will be working primarily in slip stitch and if you try to use a small hook you will eventually be unable to insert the hook into the stitches. It does have a “right” side and a “wrong” side and for the practice sample, I have chosen to work in rounds. I did not join the rounds and just placed a marker at the beginning of each round.

For the practice piece I used worsted weight yarn (any kind will do) and a size K hook. Loosely ch 20 and join with a slip stitch, this slip stitch will count as your first stitch in the round, place a marker here. Slip stitch in remaining ch . From here you will sl st into the back loop only, being sure to move your marker up as you go. Work for desired length but do not end off. Next start at your marker, except place your sl st into the front loop only of all the stitches. Work for desired length. And the last type is to again start at your marker and make sl st through both loops of your stitches. To my knowledge these are the only 3 types of stitches used in shepherd’s knitting. If you take a look at the picture, starting to your left you will see the working in the back loop only, working in the front loop only and working through both loops. The picture on the right shows what it looks like on the inside. I plan on experimenting more with this technique adding color , working patterns from charts, and you can also do a sort of felting process with wool. If anyone has more information about this type of crochet, then please let me know.

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