Chick Egg cozy

I made the chart using Crochet Designs filet crochet software. If you are thinking about making your own filet crochet, this would be the ideal software to have. Recent upgrades include a pattern viewer while you are working , you can import pictures and change them into filet crochet charts, change colors, and countless other features that help you make a perfect filet chart.

To get started you would count the number of squares 32, multiply that by 3 = 96 plus 6 = 102 for starting chain. This formula is always the same for any filet crochet pattern that begins with an OPEN MESH. Dc in 9th chain from hook and follow the chart. Make 2, You can make a blank, only meshes, for the back piece or just make 2 of the above chart. After the two sides have been made, crochet them together with single crochet and picots, then crochet with picotsaround the lower edges. Make a soft silken lining, padded to match the color scheme of the room or china.

Here is a little trick to figure out how large your finished piece will be. Using your desired thread and hook, make a gauge swatch using open meshes to determine how many meshes to the inch. Count the number of meshes on your filet design chart. Divide your design chart number by your gauge swatch number. EXAMPLE: Gauge is 4 meshes to an inch Chart is 32 meshes long 32 divided by 4 = 8 inches Your finished filet piece would be 8 inches long.

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