Valentines Roses

A rose is a rose but these crochet roses are both beautiful ,quick and easy to make. You will certainly be able to make dozens before Valentines day.
1 skein Lion Brand chenille (I used Garnet) Size G hook 1 package of silk leaves (six leaves for 1 rose) 20 gauge painted floral wire stems Floral tape Yarn needle

Row 1: (leave about 5 inch tail)ch 51. Dc in 3rd ch from hook, ch 2. 2 dc in same space as first dc. *Skip 2 ch, sc in next ch, skip 2 ch, (2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc) in next ch. * repeat from * to * across ch. Row 2: ch 1 turn, sl st in top of first 2 dc and into ch 2 space. Ch 2 (this counts as your first dc). Dc, ch 2, dc in same space. *Sc in next sc, (2dc , ch 2, 2 dc) in next ch 2 space * repeat from * to * to end. For small rose repeat Row 2 two more times. For large rose repeat Row 2 three more times. How to finish: leaving another 5 inch tail, end off and cut yarn. Thread needle with your beginning tail, start rolling (you want to roll lengthwise , do not roll from row 1 to row 4, roll from beginning chain across ). Every few rolls, using your needle just sew to hold in place. Continue to roll and sew to end. Now thread needle with your 5 inch tail from you LAST row, sew edge so that end piece is secure to the existing roll. It should now resemble a rose (look at the top). Weave in ends. I used 2 pieces of the wire stems, bend the top portion to form a hook. Now insert the wire straight end first, into the middle of your rose, sort of tug on it so that the hook your formed catches in the middle of the rose. This will help hold it securely onto the stem. The leaves I purchased had wire on them so I just arranged the leaves to resemble a calyx (bottom part of rose) and twisted the wire around the 2 pieces of wire stem. This next part may take some practice if you are unfamiliar with floral tape. It is best to hold the stem straight and the floral tape at an angle, hold the tape and twist the wire stem. I had to practice this about ten times (honest) before I got the hang of it but this does not mean that you won’t get it on the first try. Now just sort of arrange the top portion to your desired likeness.

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