Beginning to crochet

Tie a slip knot (always leave a generous tail) at the end of your yarn. See Diagrams above if you are unsure how to tie a slip knot.

Insert hook into slip knot and by pulling on the yarn, get it snug not tight on the hook. . Get comfortable with the hook in your hand…..there is not a “right” way to hold the hook. Some people hold the hook like a pencil and others like me hold it like a knife. Hold the hook anyway that feels comfortable to you. Keep the hook in your right/left hand.

With your left/right hand palm facing you, spread open your fingers. Drape or lace yarn between your ring and pinky fingers, now go around your pinky finger, across your palm, between your index and middle finger, around your middle finger, in between your index finger and thumb. Whew that was a mouthful. Again please see the diagrams

Using your right/left hand, the one with the hook, pull gently. The yarn should pull easily through your fingers. Now pull the yarn at the opposite end, it should also pull easily. The reason you must wrap the yarn around your hand is for “Control”. You need to keep control of your yarn to keep your tension even.