Next Row and Last Chain

Chains for beginning next row and where to put a stitch in the top of a chain. We have made a chain and completed our first row now what! To me that is the most complicated part of any project, getting your base chain and your first row done. Now I will explain how to get to all the rest of the rows. Some patterns will say at the end of each row to ch 3 (*or a higher or lower number) turn which puts you in the position to start the next row. Other patterns will have the ch 3 turn at the beginning of the instructions for the next row and I have seen patterns that just have a note written i.e. ch 3 turn at the end of each row, or ch 3 turn at the beginning of each row. Either way, it is a necessary step to get started on another row of a project. Remember when you turn your work, turn it away from you. Proceed across the row doing whatever is indicated in your pattern. Now we have come to the end of the row. Remember in Lesson 24 the skipped chains? We are going to put our last stitch into the top of the skipped chains. Below are the pictures to help you get a good look at what it should look like. If you have turned your work away from you, you should be able to see the top of the turning chain clearly. You will insert you hook into the top and complete your stitch. Again a pattern may say dc across row, meaning you need to put a dc in the top of your turning chain of the previous row. They may have it all spelled out for you i.e. Row 2: ch 3 turn, dc in next 19 dc, dc in top of ch 3 or dc in top of turning ch. All three (dc across, dc in top of ch 3, & dc in top of turning chain) mean the same thing but since everyone has their own sort of style for pattern writing be prepared to sort of decipher what is written. The more your practice, the easier it becomes, honest!

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