Crochet Abbreviations


Crochet Abbreviations and their meanings

Alt – alternatequad tr – quadruple treble
Approx – approximatelyquin tr – quintuple treble
beg – begin/beginningrem – remaining
ch – chain rep – repeat
ch sp – chain spacesc – single crochet
CL – cluster sl st – slip stitch
cont – continuest – stitch
dc – double crochet stch – starting chain
dec – decreasetch – turning chain
dtr – double trebletog – together
folls – followstr – treble
gr – group ttr – triple treble
hdc – half double crochet yo – yarn over
inc – increase 

Have you ever ran across a beautiful pattern, started to crochet only to discover that for some reason your project isn’t turning out anything close to what is pictured? There are a few differences between British and American crochet terms. I have compiled a list to try and help you decipher any pattern that you may be having trouble with. Before you begin, take a copy of the pattern and print out the below list. Since I always try to do the easiest way possible, use highlighter pens and make up your own color coded system, mark the copy of the pattern, highlighting all the double crochets with yellow or whatever color you want, then mark the correct corresponding single crochet on the American side list with yellow or whatever color you want. Now every time you come to a highlighted spot you will know what stitch you should be using for you pattern. If I have missed any please email me.

British or uk  termAmerican term
Slip Stitch (sl st)Slip Stitch (sl st)
Double Crochet (dc)Single Crochet (sc)
Half Treble (h tr)Half Double Crochet(hdc)
Treble (tr)Double Crochet (dc)
Double Treble (d tr)Treble (tr )
Triple Treble (tr tr)Double Treble (dtr)
Quadruple Treble (q or quad tr)Triple Treble (tr tr)
Quintuple Treble (qt or quint tr)Quadruple Treble (q or quad tr)
Sextuple Treble (s or sext tr)Quintuple Treble (qt or quint tr)
Cast OffFasten Off
Work StraightWork Even
Yarn Over HookYarn Over (yo)

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