Double Stitch Thumb Method Cast On

Learn how to do the thumb method, double stitch cast on. The thumb method has the same exact look as the double stitch cast on. Because you only need to use one end of the yarn, you won’t get confused as to which strand you are supposed to be using( the other double stitch version uses the ball yarn and the tail end). I do have the pictures below to sort of help guide you on how to place the yarn and how to create a loop. Also I do not recommend leaving that short of a tail and I only did that so that it would be easier to see how to wrap it around your hand.

Make a slip knot and place it on your needle. Wrap the yarn in between your index and middle finger, then around your index finger down to the bottom of your palm (see picture). Now wrap the yarn around your thumb. *Insert the needle (from bottom up) into loop on thumb, twist slight to the right and over the top of yarn strand that is in between the index finger and thumb. Now twist needle under strand of yarn that is in between your index finger and thumb (this creates a loop on your needle), pull thru loop on your thumb, remove loop from thumb. Tug on yarn end to tighten up on needle.* Try not to pull too hard on the yarn end, sort of ease it onto the needle, you want to get the stitches as close as possible to each other. Repeat wrapping the yarn around your thumb and repeat the above from * to * for desired number of stitches. If this is too difficult you can wrap the yarn around your thumb only (exactly as it is in the first picture), insert needle from bottom up into loop on thumb, with your right hand wrap yarn around needle and pull thru loop on thumb, pull loop off of thumb.

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