Cast on Thumb method/knit on method

What you will need to get started and Casting on This is the list of things I recommend to get started: 1 pair of size 11 knitting needles 1 skein of worsted weight yarn Pair of good scissors Size I crochet hook Needle for weaving in ends Of course there are various gadgets and things that you might want to invest in later but I like to suggest a small as possible investment to make sure that you will like knitting. In order to begin any project, you will need to “cast on” stitches to a needle. There are several different methods that can be used but I have chosen the Thumb Method because it is the easiest for any beginner to learn.


Make a slipknot and place it on one of the knitting needles. *Hold needle with the slipknot on it in your right hand and wrap yarn tail in front of your left hand thumb, then in between thumb and index finger. With your pinky, ring, and middle finger hold onto the yarn. With right hand insert need under yarn on left hand thumb. Now let go of yarn in left hand that is being held by your pinky, ring and middle finger. There should now be a loop on your right hand needle. Pull slightly on yarn to snug it up on the needle. You don’t want to pull it too tight. Repeat from * to * for required number of times.

Each loop on the hook counts as a stitch. Most all patterns will tell you at the beginning how many you will need to “cast on”. Keep your cast on stitches not too loose and not too tight because you will need to insert the other hook into the loop to make stitches. This takes a little practice so don’t worry if yours are not perfect the first time and if they are perfect YEAH!!! There are several good books that may help or inspire you to knit. Below are the ones I can’t live without: Vogue Ultimate Knitting Guide Harmony Guide Knitting Techniques Vol 1 Harmony Guide 450 Knitting stitches Vol 2Another way to cast on. If you have been following the lessons, you should be at a place where you ware just wanting more and more information. There are several different ways to cast on and each project will require certain cast on methods. This one is the second most easiest cast on to learn. The knit cast on provides a very nice looking edge. Let’s get started.

Leaving about a 4 to 5 inch tail, tie a slip knot and slip it onto your left hand needle. Insert your right hand needle into the stitch on the left hand needle (the term you will usually see will be “insert needle knitwise”). Wrap yarn around right needle as you would to knit. Draw the yarn through the stitch . Now carefully slip the stitch on your right needle back onto your left needle. You should now have 2 stitches on your left needle. Congratulations you did it !!! Let’s make another stitch. **Insert your right hook “knitwise” into last stitch made, knit, then slip stitch onto left needle.** Repeat from ** to ** for desired amount of stitches. Most patterns do not tell you a specific method of cast on, but this one can be used for most of your projects.

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