Knitting Abbreviations A to M


List from A to M of
just about every knitting abbreviation and what it means

alt – alternate;alternately

g/gr – gram

BC – back cross; back cable

grp/grps – group;groups

beg – begin; begins; beginning

g st – garter stitch

blw – below;work into the loop below the next stitch

in/ins – inch, inches

BO– bind off OR bobble

inc – increase

C4F – cable 4 front ***number can be any amount ie C3F would be cable 3 front

incl – including

C4B – cable 4 back ***number can be any amount ie C3B would be cable 3 back

 incs – increases

CC – contrasting color

k – knit

cm – centimeter

k b/k 1 b – knit stitch in row below or knit through back loop

cn – cable needle

kfb – knit into the front and back of stitch

CO – cast on

k tbl – knit through back loop

cont – continue

k2tog – knit two together

cross 2 L – cross two stitches to the left

kwise/K-wise – knit wise

cross 2 R – cross two stitches to the right

KP, KPK – knit and purl, or knit, purl, knit into same stitch as many times as there are letters

cross 2 RK – cross two stitches to the right, knitting

L – left

cross 2 LK –
cross 2 stitches to the left,knitting

 LC – left cross

cross 2 RP – cross 2 stitches to the right, purling

 LH – left hand

cross 2 LP – cross 2 stitches to the left, purling

lp/lps – loop; loops

dec – decrease

 LT – left twist

decs – decreases

m – meter

DK – double knitting

MB – make bobble

dp/dpn – double pointed needle

MC – main color

EON – end of needle

mm – millimeter

FC – front cross

m1 – make one

foll – follow