Slip Stitch


You will still need to hold on to the yarn and the chain as previously shown. Now you will be working toward the other end of the chain, make sure you have the smooth side of the chain facing you. Don’t tense up or hold everything too tightly, just take it easy and relax. After Lesson 2 (the chain you should have 20) remember you do not count the loop on your hook, skip the first chain from the hook, insert your hook into the next chain. YO (Yarn over the hook) pull through the chain and the loop on your hook. You did it that’s a slip stitch, now insert the hook into the next chain….do not skip any chains…yo pull through the chain and the loop on your hook, continue to the end of the chain. You now have 19 sl st (abbreviation that will be used in patterns for slip stitch) ch (chain) 1, turning the work away from you ***always turn your crochet work away from you as this will give it a nice looking edge**** insert hook in the back loop of the last sl st (slip stitch) of previous row do not skip any, yo pull through the ch and the loop on your hook , continue to the end of the row. Sl St are used in a variety of ways in crochet but the most common way is for shaping purposes such as armholes, necklines, odd shapes, makes a very nice finish to edgings, and can help keep work flat. Homework: practice making and counting the sl st

Abbreviations you should know by now: ch, yo, sl st

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