Knitting Abbreviations N to Z

List of knitting abbreviations from N to Z

no – number

sl st – slip stitch         

00,000 – wind yarn around the needle as many times as there are zeros

sp/sps – space;spaces

 oz – ounce

ssk – slip , slip, knit

P – purl

st/sts – stitch;stitches

pat/patt/pats – pattern;patterns

St st – stockinette stitch

 p-b – purl in stitch in the row below

tbl – through back loop

 pfb – purl into the front and back of a stitch

tog – together

pnso – pass next stitch over

WS – wrong side

psso- pass slip stitch over

won – wool over needle

p tbl – purl through back loop

 wrn – wool round needle

p2tog – purl two together

 wyib – with yarn in back

pwise/p-wise – purl wise

wyif – with yarn in front

 R – right

 yb/ybk – yarn to the back

RC – right cross

yf/yfwd – yarn to the front or forward

rem – remain; remaining

 yfon – yarn forward and over needle

rep – repeat

 yfrn – yarn forward and round needle

 rev St st
– reverse stockinette stitch

yo – yarn over

RH – right hand

yo2/yo twice – yarn over two times

rib – ribbing

yon – yarn over needle

rnd/rnds – round; rounds

 yrn – yarn round needle

RS – right side


RT – right twist


sk – skip


SKP – slip one, knit one, pass slip stitch over


sl – slip