Designing with Knit and Purl Stitches

You can create stunning designs with just the knit and purl stitches. If you have been following along with the lessons, most of you know how to do the knit and purl stitch. I can’t tell you how many people I ask if they knit and they answer “I only know how to knit and purl”. Well there is certainly a lot that you can do with just the “knit” and “purl” stitches, and of course some graph paper.


I have made a sample here but I would really like all of you to get creative here. Make yourself a chart of anything, checkerboard squares, circles, a picture, stick figure, or whatever you want. And here comes the good part, just decide before you start what stitches you would like to be the Knit and which ones you want to be the Purl. I usually make my own charts and just use X’s to create a picture and then leave the remaining squares blank. I count the X’s as purl, and the blanks as knit. I also mark my chart rows as follows: All odd numbers on the right hand side, these rows are the “right side of the work” which means you will ALWAYS be knitting the blanks and purling the X’s. All even numbers on the left hand side, these rows are the “wrong side of the work” which means you will ALWAYS be purling the blanks and knitting the X’s I also get a highlighter and mark off the rows as I complete them so that I don’t confuse myself and yes I have had to sit for hours trying to figure out where am on a chart so since I learned my lesson , I use a lot of highlighters and the odd even numbers. Get creative and add a picture to any plain sweater, or even a sleeve, hats, or make a one of a kind afghan with squares.

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