Beginner Dishcloth Pattern

Quick and easy pattern that is great for beginning knitters. Now we are going to put to good use what we have learned so far. By knitting one row and purling the next you will be doing the Stockinette stitch. This stitch has a “knit” side and a “purl” side. The knit side is the Stockinette stitch and when you turn it over to the purl side it is the Reverse Stockinette stitch. Both sides can be very useful when you begin to design your own patterns. We will also be using the Garter stitch (you either knit every row or purl every row) to sort of frame our stockinette stitch. The Garter stitch is always a good way to prevent your work from curling. Ok one more thing and then we will get started. Some of you may have noticed that so far I have left off the “Gauge” on these beginning patterns. I will be including it in future patterns but right now I feel it is more important to concentrate on learning the stitches.

You will need Size 7 knitting needles 1- 2 oz skein of Sugar’n Cream cotton yarn Row counter Needle for weaving in the ends CO (cast on) 35, knit for 8 rows. Row 9: K5, P25, K5 ***this means knit the next 5 stitches, purl the next 25 stitches, then knit the last 5 stitches*** Row 10: Knit across ***this means knit the 35 stitches*** Rows 11 – 44: Repeat rows 9 & 10 seventeen times. Rows 45 – 52: Knit across. Bind Off & end off weave in ends. Congratulations and yes these are great for the kitchen or you can use them in the bath. These also make a great gift for just about anyone, make some more in your favorite colors.

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