Entrelac Crochet #2

Be sure to see Entrelac Crochet  for instructions on how to do your beginning row.

Making sure all of your diamonds are facing the right direction (see above picture). Don’t worry if they are curling a little, remember afghan/Tunisian stitch has a tendency to do that until you put a border or in this case, add another row to it.

Second Diamond: Now get out your second color yarn, You will begin this row at your VERY FIRST diamond bind off slip stitch (see above picture). Attach second color yarn (this will count as your first loop on hook. Pick up a loop in the next 5 slip stitches. Now pick up one more loop in the END stitch of your SECOND diamond (see below picture), 7 loops on hook. Work off all loops on your hook. * Pick up a loop in the next 5 (color number 2) vertical bars. Now pick up one more loop in the next END stitch of your second diamond. * Repeat from * to * 3 more times. You will have a total of 5 rows of your second color.

I know the Bind off is a repeat of previous notes but you must do it the same way as you did your color number 1 row.

Bind Off Notes: You want to bind off loosely but not too loosely, you are going to have to insert your hook to attach the second color for the next row so please keep that in mind as you are binding off.

Bind Off: We are going to do a slip stitch bind off. * Insert hook into vertical bar closest to your hook, pick up a loop and pull it thru the vertical bar and the loop on your hook. * TAA DAA you just did a slip stitch bind off. Now repeat from * to * 4 more times. Slip stitch into same chain stitch that you last picked up a loop in (this would be your last afghan/Tunisian stitch)

See how you made it “in between” your first row of color? And at the same time you made the diamonds, which lays the ground work for your third row. For third row, repeat “Second Diamond” and “Bind Off”.

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