Raglans Lesson #7

Let’s Make Sleeves

If you can, use 2 pair of circulars to make both sleeves at the same time.

We will be using our larger needles to complete the sleeve to the wrist. It is very important to count your rows and what rows you are doing decreases on because you will have to make the other sleeve EXACTLY like this one. First we do need to do a little bit of calculations to figure out how many rows we will need:

Sleeve length (F)
__________ (measure from underarm to wrist or desired length) minus 1 inch (this is for the ribbing, if you desire a 2 inch ribbing then you will need to subtract 2 inches or whatever your ribbing length is from this number)

X _____________ Rows per inch (B)
= __________ Rows needed for sleeve

Now is a good time to figure out what type of sleeves you would like for your sweater, you can put just about any type that can be knit in the round.

For our practice sweater we are going to make Slightly tapered sleeves. Basically we are going to decrease gradually to the wrist.

With knit side facing you, place all the stitches from one stitch holder onto your larger size needles, making sure to pick up the 1 inch underarm stitches. **I place my marker as best as I can , in the middle of these underarm stitches** Attach yarn to the stitch to the left of your stitch marker.

Figure out
Wrist size (G)
__________ (measure snugly around wrist bone) X ______________ Stitches per inch (A)
= __________ (S)
Required wrist stitches

Count your current sleeve stitches __________ subtract __________ (S)
Required wrist stitches = __________ Number of decrease stitches needed

Take __________ Number of decrease stitches needed ÷ __________ Rows needed for sleeve = ______________ Number of rows to decrease in.

Tip: On the smaller size sweaters I will decrease 2 stitches( one before and after stitch marker) on one row, and knit the next row plain (no decreases). This helps keep the shaping nice and even.

I want to mention this one more time, KEEP GOOD COUNT OF YOUR ROWS

Knit __________ Rows needed for sleeve and at the same time, decrease ______________ Number of rows to decrease in.

Switch to smaller size needles and work K2, P2 (or whatever type of ribbing you want) ribbing for __________desired number of rows (Remember our default number for ribbing is 1 inch) Bind Off, End off.

Repeat above for other sleeve

Neck Ribbing

****Note I like to start and place my beginning marker on the sleeves, this helps to sort of hide your beginning and ending place ****

With smaller size circular, right – sleeve side (knit side) facing , place marker, attach yarn and pick up all stitches around the entire neck. Work K2, P2 ribbing for 1 inch or desired length. Bind Off, end off. Weave in all ends and

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