Roll Stitch or Bullion Stitch

As you can see my sample is not perfect but this is a really interesting stitch, here are some of the tricks I found, when you a threading over keep a hold with your index finger (use hook holding hand). When you have the required number on the hook push them all toward the front of the hook (still hold on with your index finger) to get them “ready. With other hand hold the coil on the hook with your other index finger and thumb. If you try to just pull through like you would with any other stitch, they all fall off and trust me it is very frustrating!!!!! Once you get the hang of it, it is quite pretty. I used size 30 thread for this sample and the sample below but I am going to try using yarn.

Thread over the needle twenty (20) times, insert needle in work, thread over, draw through the chain, thread over, pull through the coil, thread over draw through 2 loops on the needle. The roll when complete is straight, with a string the length of the roll on it’s left side. The length of the rolls may be regulated by the number of times the thread is thrown over the needle. The less number of times it is thrown over the easier it is to make. The Capital letter “O” found after the stitches, with a figure at the right side, denotes how often the thread is thrown over. Example: 5 roll sts. “O” 20 means 5 roll sts. Thread over 20 times for each roll stitch.

This is the Rose Stitch and it is an Edging

Make chain desired length plus three. Thread over twenty times, or as often as preferred, insert into 4th chain from hook, thread over draw through chain, thread over draw through coil, thread over draw through the 2 loops on hook pulling it tight so that it will bend the coil almost in half. Continue in this manner across. This makes a very nice edging.

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