Broomstick or Jiffy Lace

I’m not really sure just when or who introduced this technique into the crochet world and I until now I did not have a lot of ideas for using it. You will need a size 50 broomstick/jiffylace pin, worsted weight yarn and I used a size K hook for this practice. In order not to confuse anyone, first I will explain how to get the loops on and off the hook and then I will list my tips for using the broomstick/jiffylace.


To begin: With the crochet hook, ch 9. Put loops on hook: Enlarge the loop and slip it onto the pin, remove your crochet hook from the loop, pull on your yarn to snug it up ***do not make it tight you will have to remove the loops so just make it not too loose and not too tight****, insert your hook into the 2nd ch, yo pull up a loop, enlarge and put on the pin. Continue pulling up loops to end of chain. You should now have 9 loops on your pin. Make sure to count your loops before taking them off. Work off the loops: insert your hook behind the 3rd loop from the tip of the pin, and in the next two. 3 loops total on your crochet hook, slip them off of the pin being careful they don’t slip from your crochet hook, yo pull thru all 3 loops on hook, yo pull thru loop on crochet hook (sc made), make 3 sc in the loops (see picture). Continue across until all loops are removed from the pin. (If you pull 4 loops off of hook you will need to put 4 sc in the loops etc.)

To Increase: Work loops off pin, chain desired number of increase, pull up loops in chain, pull up loops across to last sc, attach new yarn, chain desired number of increase end off new yarn , pull up loops in chain just made. Work off loops. To Decrease: Work loops off pin, sl st across desired number of decrease, pull up loops across , leave desired number of decrease stitches un worked. Tips: Before you begin your project decide how many loops you want for pattern (3 loops, 4 loops, 5 loops etc.) For Example if you wanted to pull your loops off in groups of 5 your starting chain needs to be a number divisible by 5. I found it easier to put a pillow (soft mushy type) in my lap, lay the pin down, point going away from your body. Keep your loops loose, it is easier to work them off that way. I have used conduit pipe, broom handles, dowels, anything round with a smooth surface to vary the loops.

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