Simple Knit Purse

This is a great way to practice your increase and decrease skills and at the same time create a stylish purse. If you have not done so already, please be sure to check out the how to increase and decrease lessons. We will be doing the increases and decreases on the “KNIT” side only. Also please note there is not gauge specified for this pattern, this will be the last pattern I post without a gauge, so enjoy it while you can. 1 – 4 oz skein of Lion Brand Chunky USA yarn in your color of choice Size 11 needles 1 pair of small round purse handles 2 fancy buttons If desired, small amount of fabric for lining Darning needle CO (cast on) 3 Row 1: Knit Row 2: purl Row 3: K, inc (also known as mk1 or make one), k, k. (4 sts on needle) Row 4: purl Row 5: k, right increase (aka mk1), k, left increase(aka mk1), k (6 sts on needle) *** please note from here forward all increase will be a right increase and then a left increase an the proper term is mk1 which will be used for the remainder of this pattern*** Row 6: purl Row 7: K, mk 1, k across to last stitch, mk 1, k (8 stitches) Row 8: purl Rows 9 to 26: Repeat rows 7 & 8 until you have 26 stitches on your needles. Row 27: K even (do no make any increases) Row 28: purl Rows 29 to 36: Repeat rows 27 & 28 Row 37: K, dec, k to last 3 stitches on needle, dec, k last stitch. Row 38: purl Repeat rows 37 & 38 until you have 4 remaining stitches on your needle. Next Row: K, dec, k (you now have 3 stitches on your needle) Cut yarn with a needle, thread through last 3 stitches to end off. Now repeat the above to make another piece. With knit side out, matching sides, whip stitch together using picture as a model, fold down tip over purse handle and sew fancy button securely to outside (see picture).

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