Raglans Lesson #4

Get your calculator and pencil

Stitches per inch (A) __________ X Neck Size (C) __________
__________ Total required beginning stitches (H)

Total (H)__________ X 0.33 = __________Back stitches (I)

Back stitches (I)__________ X 0.25 = __________ Sleeve Stitches (J)

Increase stitches : This is ALWAYS – 8 (K) these are distributed evenly

(H) – (I) – (J) – (J) – (K) = ____________ Front Stitches (L)

Before we go any further, check to make sure that you have MORE stitches for Front Stitches (L) than you have for the Back stitches (I). If you don’t remember we can fudge, you can safely move 2 stitches from the Back stitches (I) to the
Front Stitches (L) and you do not have to re do the sleeve calculations.

Next we need to do a little dividing to the Front Stitches (L) so that they will be shaped properly on the neck.

Front Stitches (L) __________ X .025 = ________ Left Front Stitches (M)
Front Stitches (L) __________ X .025 = ________ Right Front Stitches (N)
Front Stitches (L) __________ X .025 = ________ (O) ***This needs to be an EVEN number so that it can be split in half. If you need to fudge, take a stitch from the (Q) below stitches***
÷ 2 = __________ Number of stitches needed for Right and Left neck shaping (P)
Front Stitches (L) __________ X .025 = ________ Number of stitches to cast on AFTER neck shaping (Q)

WHEW, Now we have ALL the numbers we need but don’t put away your calculators just yet. We have a few more numbers to deal with. Actually it wasn’t that bad was it ??

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