Raglans Lesson #3

Raglan Worksheets

Make your gauge swatch (my way cast on 25 stitches work for 35 rows). Measure your width and length. Do below calculations:

25 ( or number of stitches you cast on for swatch) ÷ width of swatch
= ______________ Stitches per inch (A)

35 ( or number of rows you worked for your swatch) ÷ length of swatch
= _____________ Rows per inch (B)

Neck Size (C)
__________ (measure snugly around neck)

Raglan length (D)
__________ (measure from collar to underarm **this is an angle not a straight line**or use your favorite sweatshirt)

Body length (E)
__________ (measure from underarm to desired length of sweater)

Sleeve length (F)
__________ (measure from underarm to wrist or desired length)

Wrist size (G)
__________ (measure snugly around wrist bone)

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